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My Yi 2K hardware mod

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  • My Yi 2K hardware mod


    I needed to capture still pics in sync with my 4 Yi 2k.
    Shutter with wifi was slow and not in sync, so I decided to go inside the cam, and add a small pcb to control it.

    With this Pcb, I can power up/down the cam, press shutter, and detect if the shutter led is on or off.

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    Wow! Looks very cool. What is it based on?
    Donate here if you want to support my efforts and this site.

    Email me if you have any offers, requests or ideas.


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      On the pcb, there are 3 optocouplers, and the Kicad project is available here :
      You could find some other Kicad projet on this repository, for the arduino and the raspberry.
      I still should upload the latest one used with the bike:


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        My next goal is to add more Yi 2K to make a complete spherical picture. Perhaps upgrade from 4 to 8 cams with a narrower lens to get a better picture quality.

        But I still have some problems :
        - The Yi 2K are slow, I can't take images with an interval lower than about 1.4 milliseconds (with a 8 MP resolution)
        - The Yi 2K doesn't store the "subsectimeoriginal" exif tag. With a "time resolution" of only 1 second, it is difficult to make a good geolocalisation of the pictures.

        I don't understand why a lot of (or all) action cams don't store this subsectimeoriginal exif tag. My life would be much easier with this millisecond information.