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live view on smartphone via USB connection

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  • live view on smartphone via USB connection

    can this method? How to?
    thanks for help

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    Yes, this is possible. You need to have a UVC compatible camera with webcam option, a USB host enabled smartphone with a UVC can app installed.
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    • nasyiinhd
      nasyiinhd commented
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      thank you I tried ezviz s5, when usb from a smart phone connect, on the s5 screen reads "" the storage can be accessed "" but cannot be accessed on the smartphone ... the connection is repeated.
      then I tried yi2k, there was no response at all. are these two devices not supported ?

    • nutsey
      nutsey commented
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      Unfortunately, there are no modern Ambarella cams (at least known by me) with UVC/Webcam feature enabled. So, if you want to have USB liveview you need to get something like GitUp Git2 cam based on Novatek NT96660 chipset. Moreover in this case you'll get a webcam with gyro EIS stabilization and that is really cool.

    • petesimon
      petesimon commented
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      see these videos:

      for some cameras, you must REMOVE BATTERY from the camera.

      but use a smartphone. the smartphone MUST have OTG HOST mode available. a good Samsung Galaxy/Note smartphone can do this.
      Use a live stream usb app in the smartphone, such as CameraFi or CameraFi Live
      or home site -

      use a good quality data USB 2.0 cable.

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    quite clearly, this dev need to be sold and get the latest advice ... only I don't understand shopping from outside Indonesia 😇
    thanks you,
    petesimon .... akan ku coba 🙏
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