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My Action Helmet Camera Project need input

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  • My Action Helmet Camera Project need input

    Hi All,

    I am new to this world of modding and action cams so please excuse me if I ask a stupid question or 2.

    I am also motorcycle rider, but I hate to carry additional equipment to capture my rides and or keep me save (surveillance), so one day I decided to buy some action cameras based on the Allwinner V3, HiSilicon and Novatek SoCs.

    As you can see from the images I am trying to re-purpose these action cameras into some of my helmets.

    I 1st started with some mini wifi spy cameras which used hi-silicon soc but the video quality sucked/image stabilization was poor! What I did like about them is that they acted more like IP based cams and I was able to join them to a wireless network and view them from anywhere in my LAN as long as I had their IP and creds. Here are the specs for that camera

    1.It can see live video by smartphone. PC
    2.motion detective, video, photo
    3.H.264 resolution:1280*720
    5.take video. Take photo
    6.Lens: CMOS 1/4
    8.Support micro sd card upto 32GB
    9.Power supply: Adapter and Built-in Li-Battery 4000mAh
    10.Angle: 90 °

    I was so disappointed with the HiSilicon spy camera that now I have acquired a series of 1080p and some so called 4k action cameras to do the same.

    Here are the specs of the cameras that I now have

    Motion Detection, Cyclic Recording, WIFI
    Black, white, silver, blue, yellow, gold
    Allwinner V3
    SONY 179, 1600MP CMOS Sensor
    2 inch
    170° View angle
    Micro SD card, support up to 32GB


    4K,WiFi, Novatek chipeset, Motion Detection, Cyclic Recording
    Novatek 96660
    Sony IMX078, 20MP
    2 inch
    "4K 24ps/ 2.7K30fps/ 1080P 60/30 fps/ 720P 120/60/30 fps /WVGA 30 fps/
    VGA 240FPS"
    20M(5120x3840 )/16M(4608x3456 )/12M(4032x3024 )/10M(3648*2736)/8M(3264x2448 )/5M(2592x1944 )/3M(2048x1536 )/VGA(640*480)
    Micro SD card, support up to 32GB

    The issues that I now have are hardware related. Since the Lens Optics has to be placed in front of the helmet I now need to extend that FFC. I have called and no one seems to be able to provide a solution to extend that ribbon cable.

    Once I get this done I would like to know if there is firmware that will give me best of IP based functions on a Action camera package? (Having a built in web server on the SoC where I can change settings, being able to join LAN network as well as AD-Hoc connections). I plan on not using the LCD display and setting on the camera which means all my controls need to either be done via web or app.

    So my questions are (sorry for the ignorance)

    1. Am I using the wrong SoCs for what I want to accomplish?

    Since I am new to this field

    1. Why do I need to flash firmware on some of these cameras? Are there better features how so I know what firmware out there are good?

    Well I hope I was not sounding too dumb but I am in the quest for knowledge. I am hoping I can make this project work!

    Thank you all!