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External mic wiring for V50 Pro, Firefly 8SE, Campark V30 etc

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  • External mic wiring for V50 Pro, Firefly 8SE, Campark V30 etc

    Hi, while browsing google this site seems to be the only potential one with knowledgeable geniuses who could answer my question.
    As per the camera models in the title, ALL of these provide external mic support. The problem is, they ONLY work with their own microphones. I.e. if you want external mic for an Akaso, you must buy the Akaso mic.
    Since nearly all mics are just two wires then soldered to a mini/micro USB or 3.5 jack, surely the manufacturers of these cameras are simply wiring one lead to a USB pin which no other mics have, as a cheap way to ensure ONLY their mic works with their camera.
    So im asking has anyone ever tried modding or reverse engineering the official mics, so that ANY 3rd party mic will work just by using a resoldered USB plug?

    An example of this is here:


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    5-pin miniUSB and microUSB have only 2 pins for mic-in. Probably signal and ground pins could be swapped. 10-pin miniUSB is more complicated and can be used for both mono and stereo mic-in (a resistor is inside the connector to let the camera know if it's mono or stereo source).
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      It's more likely a shared ground connection with a specific Ohm pull-up resistor to tell the onboard chip their mic is plugged in.versus a third party mic. This is because any mixing or cross swapping of cables could prove disastrous if you say you needed to charge the camera and only had any other universal USB cable, or plugged it into a computer which then wouldn't be able to receive the data correctly, otherwise the USB Batter Charging 1.2 Compliance plan comes into play.

      Which btw just means it's probably a short between D+ and D- that makes their mic's different. The myster is the right level resister you'd need in between.