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Firefly 8s brick for 3 batteries on waterproof case

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  • Firefly 8s brick for 3 batteries on waterproof case

    Good Morning . I have made a small "invention" to be able to put 3 batteries in the underwater box of my Firefly 8S, (also valid for models that use the same box).
    Problem: We don't see the screen during recording.
    1) buy-get the "Standard Backpack Backdoor kit" for Gopro 3 and 4; Wallapop Spain has several sellers at low prices, (the unopened package); mine were worth 15 euros with shipping.
    You can also buy them separately:
    Reference numbers:
    a- dive 40 meters> 445-04331-000 revb
    b- skeleton> .......... 445-04330-000 revb
    c-touch> ............... 445-04332-000 revc
    Attention: there is a backdoors "dive 60 meters" but I think it is for the old model of the gopro 3 and the size does not fit well.
    With the backdoors "b" and "c" surely some of you make an invention; anyway the o-rings they bring are from gopro and I will use them in another underwater box that I have, they have very good quality
    2) you have to remove the 2 rubber pads that the diving backdoor brings so that it closes well with the 2 batteries inserted there; they fit very very fair, but it closes well.
    3) make a parallel electrical connection of the 3 batteries so that the voltage does not increase.
    The cables must be very thin because they have to enter-exit through the rounded area of ​​the battery, (there is a small space between the camera and the battery. Each one that experiences the best way of mounting ..... I don't I am very handyman or electrician ..... hahahaha.
    We can also put only 2 batteries making a connection to the camera, without putting 1 battery inside, (I don't do that).

    For what 3 batteries? ...... to put on a drone, bicycle, car .... I need them for my sport: spearfishing ..... I don't mind not seeing the screen and I need more minutes of recording.
    It is clear that you can put another kind of small battery that fits there ..... Any assembly example?
    I leave you the photos of the camera with the backdoor and the assembly that must be done ... ... ideas are welcome.
    Let's see if I can soon test the tightness of the box with that backdoor at sea.

    postscript: for outdoor use with bikes, drones, etcsss .... better the backdoor "skeleton" that has 3 holes to breathe .... if it won't get too hot
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    A questions for electricians or handymen: if I solder the wires to connect in parallel the 3 batteries .... when charging one of the batteries will the others also be charged? , can I have a problem?, better not to solder them and charge the batteries separately?
    Thank you


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    Thank you so much, Nutsey ..... always so attentive to solving our problems.
    I'm going to do a test: I will assemble the 3 batteries in parallel, empty, and I will put one in the charger .... we'll see what happens.
    Then I will separate them and test them one by one on the camera to see if the load is 100%