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Lamax X3.1 Atlas microphone replacement

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  • Lamax X3.1 Atlas microphone replacement

    Hey you guys!

    First of all, a lot of respect for you all, whenever I have some sort of action camera problem I find the solution here. And now I have a problem which I don't know how to solve. And please be gentle, my English is not that good.

    I have a technical question for you:

    Recently I purchased 'dbPower ex5000' camera with broken display (it's physically destroyed), but the camera still recorded video and sound (i used it blindly just to test it - i purchased this camera on flea market for around 4 euros ). I went throught the menu blindly just following some dude on YouTube reviewing the camera. I noticed that the built-in microphone on this particular cheap camera is way better than in a lot of other cheap action cameras I've bought through years (and I mean in 15-30 euros price range, mostly second hand style). It's microphone records in 32 kHz mono which is way better than 8 kHz mono a lot of other cheap Chinese & clone models have.

    Some time ago I also purchased on the same flea market 'Lamax X 3.1 Atlas' camera and it had really ok video quality for the video I use it for (i use mostly 1080p/30fps for everything I shoot) and it's mostly for some outdoor shooting with good light - BUT the built in microphone on this camera is recording in 8 Khz mono and it's just awful, it's clipping and distorting, it's just crappy mic and i found out that dbPower ex5000 microphone performs better in any situation I need.

    So I decided to call up my friend who is an electrician and he detached both built in microphones from these cameras and than switch them, so he burned the 'dbPower ex5000' microphone to Lamax camera and the crappy one to dbPower. I didn't think that any of this would work but for the money I bought both cameras it was in a "who cares if it doesn't work" mood. We started the dbPower and the mic is just unusable now, it's just distorted and you can not make anything so off to mute recording this one goes. We started the Lamax camera after this experiment and microphone is working. Camera is seeing it and it clearly sounds much better BUT the problem is - it's still recording in 8Khz mono.

    Is there some way to make this camera aware that it has a better quality built-in microphone? To somehow change sound parameters somewhere and bringup the 8Khz to 32Khz?

    Thank you in advance my friends!

    As for this 'Lamax x3.1 Atlas' Camera, I've extracted the original firmware (i'm attaching it to this post) - maybe it can help someone with the problem with this camera)

    And here are some specifications that I have from buildinfo:

    # begin build properties
    # autogenerated by 4.2.2 JDQ39 eng.yj.20181024.105829 test-keys 9年 10月 24日 星期三 10:59:40 CST
    # is obsolete; use ro.product.device
    # Do not try to parse or .fingerprint 4.2.2 JDQ39 eng.yj.20181024.105829 test-keys
    # end build properties


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