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    I ordered an sj 8000 on ebay, and received a camera branded winksoar (lower case) instead... any idea what this is? The seller changed it's ads to include the winksoar for sale after I complained about the switch, and returned half my payment., If I look it up, Walmart in the U.S. offers this brand for sale but so far there is no further info. The winksoar is more often listed as an sj9000, but mine lists sj8000 in the firmware version. The interface is the same as others, but they used cartoon bubble lettering for the headings, making them less readable, and kind of toy-ish looking . . It comes up with an ugly black "Welcome" as you turn it on, and when you look up the version it lists V1.0 Version: 4k/sj8000 _ date: 20161201. The camera works, but miss-represents 4k and 2k settings, and I have yet to find a wifi app that works with this- (absolutely necessary when you use it with the focusing lenses) the camera allows you to input a custom code if you want- but it only allows for 5 digits long! Most apps require an 8 digit code to make them work, so I can't get it to go... Maybe because I only paid $20 for it, I have taken it apart and mounted a fugi 35 mm tv lens on an adaptor, and a 2.8-12 mm cctv lens, both work respectably well, especially after installing IR cut filters to both... This makes this an interesting beast, but the somewhat sub standard firmware from winksoar kind of detracts from the experience... I was looking into the possibility to flash this with a different firmware- one that enables the wifi would be nice...

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    maybe a generic and bad quality 1080p or 720p camera that has 2 MP sensor or less, and a cheap processor/chipset such as AIT or VIA.
    never seen firmware files for this, and i often look in many forums, facebook-groups and blogs.
    good luck