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Advice for underwater camera?

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  • Advice for underwater camera?

    My colleagues and I are going to snorkeling in September. Instead of holding my cellphone in a waterproof bag, I want to free my hands for swimming. So I wanna get a camera that fixes to my body, with a strap or whatever.

    My friend has a GoPro Hero 4 but I think it's kinda costy.

    I saw this Yi camera on a online store and SJCAM camera Still in dilehma choosing between them, plus I need more advice about accessories for fixing it on me. I have a full-face mask with dry tube, and my friend says I can fix a camera on it.

    Any suggestions?

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    Yi 4K has better hardware and I think it will fit your needs. Do you want to mount your cam to your existing snorkeling stuff? Otherwise you can buy a fullface mask with standard action cam mount.
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      be sure to throw some of the anti-fog inserts into your waterproof case, the yi 4k's outer plastic tends to get hot and it will fog up the lens if it's in the waterproof case


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        I suggest you to check Best Budget Action Cameras which has some best underwater cameras to buy. Apeman action camera is best.


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          Yes any SJCAM genuine camera will be good overall. All the cams in the " Best..." list are probably Amazon promotions -- be aware. The Apeman A80 is a good choice. But at least two cameras in the list are Allwinner V3 so I don't recommend those. I suggest cameras that have a Novatek chip: the Firefly 7s, Extral Sj8000, and Soocoo C30 or C50... OR cams with a A12 chip for more features and better video quality: Firefly 8s, Thieye T5(e), or similar.

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        If you dive, I strongly recommend good low light performance: look at sony as 15 video . Maybe it is because I've reccorded without filter... I hope.


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          Can you buy from EBay EU? US? Get a hand mount , or wrist strap then you can easily aim the camera. The yi 4k is great for the money. Keep the case-sealed cam out of sunlight until you go into the water, or in the water to stay at the water temp., to prevent fogging! At snorkeling depth no filter is needed-sun at high noon for better vids/pics! Oops, old post! Sorry!