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    Used a M42 to C-mount adapter, then C-mount to M12 adapter. I have two C-mount to M12 adapters, one I epoxy'ed a IR/UV cut filter into it, so I can take normal images with any lens I adapt. The other I left blank and I have a IR front filter so I can take IR images etc.

    Tried 50mm and 200mm lens, surprisingly, it was f/5.6 that appeared very sharp, and f/8 onwards is when softening occurs. 50mm appears best, 200mm appears to have some issues, but still sharp. The sample is 200mm at f/5.6 seems like it can create plenty of detail, but jpeg processing seems to mess up a lot of the image, so probably needs raw. I think the 135mm will perform better than the 200mm, is a lot lighter and smaller, and would be appropriate for great video of wild life.

    Also even on the low resolution screen, you can focus the lenses, as the image looks like it appears aliased (not down sampled properly) and you can kind of tell when you hit critical focus.

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    hi this my lens tes on yi2k
    more video there other lens test.sorry my bad english


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      I just want to buy an "add-on" lens device like this and do as the photo shows. I don't want to remove the original lense -- the glue is troublesome. What the heck is that "add-on" lens called?

      image link -