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Writing custom data to EXIF

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  • Writing custom data to EXIF

    Hey. I'm new here.
    We develop camera remote that extends exif with custom Metadata.

    I'm looking for non-expensive action cam that supports remote control and extending EXIF data with custom data while triggering the camera.
    the camera that supports Creating/editing files on SD-card.
    SDK and camera selection advices highly needed.

    Planed hardware:
    external hardware device with PWM and i2c ports to receive Metadata and commands from Pixhawk flight controller.
    Camera can be controlled over usb, wifi, Bluetooth, i2c - we are on hardware dev state and can implement any listed protocol.

    Workflow 1: (if EXIF extending is possible)
    1. Pixhawk (or our personal GPS+IMU enabled data-logger) prepares camera position (gps+imu orientation) data and sends trigger command to our external device.
    2. Our external device triggers camera to take photo and write additional Metadata to the foto.

    Workflow 2: (if EXIF extending is not possible but SD-card is accessible while shooting)
    1. Our external device get metadata from Pixhawk
    2. Device triggers camera to take photo and after an image has been taken, modifies the EXIF on SD-card or just writes a log with structure:
    $photo_name; $gps_lon; $gps_lat; $timestamp; $accel_x; $accel_y; $accel_z; $gyro_x; $gyro_y; $gyro_z;

    Few more details, if you are interested in the project:
    I'm dev lead at
    I developed wifi-enabled GPS+motion logger for GoPro 3, 3+, 4; patented gyro-based video-stabilization and shutter correction algorithm and now I work on cheap UAV platform for simplified 3D mapping + NDVI routine. It's non-commerce project. I'm open to share my info about all mentioned technologies by request. Device schematics and firmware will be posted here for qa and improvements. Opensource it ALL!!!!

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    Originally posted by Shurupovert View Post
    I'm looking for non-expensive action cam that supports remote control
    What's the price range?
    Donate here if you want to support my efforts and this site.

    Email me if you have any offers, requests or ideas.


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      Originally posted by nutsey View Post
      What's the price range?
      I'm up to gopro prices but prefer a little bit small price.


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        Hello everyone.

        I'm looking for, how to georeference the photos easily (and not very expensive ). I looked for information about the pinout of the 10-pin mini usb connector and found this web page in the search engines.

        I am very interested in your project.

        I have a Firefly 8S camera.

        Best regards.