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  • strange low cost camera

    Hello everybody!
    As I'm brand new to this forum I would like to say hello at first ..if it not a correct directory please move to correct one...
    I'm now on short Christmas holidays in Athens and recently buy a action cam (second in my life).... I have clone on SJ4000 since 3yers now but I I found recently pretty cheep camera... for 24Euro in a market between carrots
    Can anybody will be so pleased to help me witch model is this camera ? ...Its says on the box action camera 1080p/30FPS... Quality is of the picture is s##t while overall looking is super.. ,lcd 2" is rather have Wi-Fi access an I can easily put connection via android app Go Plus Cam....
    The main question is: Can I upgrade the firmware (currently 20180418 v1.0) and boost the quality of this camera? I believe that it can record 60 fps in HD mode.... now it have 1080i /30fps or 720p/30fps
    chipset is MPF9R64.00 other second chipset is SV6030P.... I have upload pictures...
    thx Radek

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    Originally posted by Radek View Post
    The main question is: Can I upgrade the firmware (currently 20180418 v1.0) and boost the quality of this camera?
    Your cam is based on a low-end Generalplus chipset and probably uses an 1.3Mp sensor. So, I don't think the image quality can be boosted here.
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      Nutsey thanks for reply. I almost bricked this camera...anyway I will have spare parts for my SJ4000...and now this camera will be recording a road in my car...


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      Here is the folder with different samples 720 and 1080.


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        I'm also brand new to the action camera topic and it happend I bought this low cost camera, exactly the same (in Greek market between carrots).
        I turned it on and tried, everything was ok (for this price). But after long winter that I didn't use camera at all, now it has white screen problem: video is working, screen - no. My laptop doesn't recognise camera, so I can only put info directly to the memory card.
        Maybe somebody can advice what can I do (except to buy normal camera)? What model is close to this one?