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  • Action Camera wifi help

    hello i dont have a Yi Action Camera yet but i want to buy 3 if i can get the following to work.not sure where to post this.
    i want to be able to connect to my laptop not my phone. 3 (preferably) yi lite cameras wirelessly at the same time and view the live feed so i can import it into obs.
    I can think of 2 ways i can get this to work if its possible not sure thats why i am here.
    first way is a get 3 wifi usb adapter and plug them into my laptop and have each camera connect to a different adapter but then i run will into the issue that all of the cams are on the same ip address. is there a hack to change the ip address ?
    the 2nd way would be to not connect directly to the laptop but to a wifi network and the wifi network assigning them ip's not sure if this possible. i also see a post about camera in wifi client mode in a different forum what i am looking for? not sure
    after i have the cameras connect to vlc player i believe to see the live view. not sure if i can set this up to view all 3 at the same time.
    i believe i can simple import the vlc view as a source into obs.
    I am also willing to go with a different action camera if it can do this. but the camera needs to be small and mountable.