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USB-controlled action cam and software?

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  • USB-controlled action cam and software?

    Hey there all.

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but I'm not exactly sure I have a subforum to ask my questions in.

    The long and short is: I'm looking to build a photo booth for things like weddings and parties and such, and found that an action cam might be my best bet in getting a camera that'll do somewhat decent quality images, be small to mount, and have the general functionality that one would need for such a purpose.

    I have a bit of a two-fold question:

    a) Are there any budget action cams out there that can provide a remote control shutter via USB? i.e. have a camera take a full-quality still image with a USB command? If not possible via USB, perhaps with WiFi? I'm more than willing to do software mods if needed. (additionally, a camera that can be powered via USB and not rely on battery power would be a major plus)

    and b) Is there any software for Linux or Windows that's already pre-compiled for such a purpose?

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    a). Firefly 8s or Firefly 8SE are maybe sort of "budget" cameras when regarding financial cost, but yes they can do remote shutter via cable-wire, via wifi and via bluetooth (controller gadget). I had this camera, but decided to sell it to get another camera for better 4k video. Anyway, the 8 mp 16:9 wide photos in photo-mode are really good. See > and

    Check this video and others like it and change the wireless/radio that you see in the video to something else that's more fitting. Here's bluetooth and wifi is as usual for most action cams.

    Also Yi brand cameras are quite good and similar to FFS8s/se.

    b). maybe.... and most likely for Yi brand cameras. so hm try github and . try PC CC and phone CC and phone CSP . Note that phone apps especially Android apps can be used in a PC or Mac by using an emulator or development environment. 🤓 wuuu that hurt my brain 🧠 so I'm gonna rest now hehe.

    Note that "you get what you pay for" so if you pay USD $50 or less for an action cam, then you (most often) get shitty photos 'n blocky videos! haha.
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      Late to the party, but....
      For photobooth doing photos, an older canon DSLR with magic lantern would probably be a better idea. Also better quality photos. Hook up a couple of cheap flashes to get lower iso shots.

      Having said all that, the original yi action cam with hacked firmware could do lots of fun stuff, once ran a pair doing short (2s) 720p120 captures that were converted to slo-mo clips and played back on a separate monitor on a loop. People would go through it multiple times to do different stuff, was pretty cool to watch.