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  • Firefly 8SE Mobile App.

    I just got the Firefly 8SE. if you control everything by hand, and DO NOT connect it to WIFI and the Firefly App, it is a great little camera. BUT, if you connect it to the App so you can see what the camera sees or control it, the camera will only record 19-20 seconds of video (whether you hit record on the app or push the button on the camera), it then stops recording for 5 seconds, then automatically starts recording for another 19-20 seconds, and continues on and on. then you will have no control over the camera at all until you pull the battery. this happened with the app installed on an android and an I-phone. No matter what I did, this happened. did anyone else encounter the same issue? the app hasnt been updated in over a year, and firefly doesnt answer emails.

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    If it's a new Firefly 8SE guess you've received newer V revision i.e. camera with V based firmware: V105, V106, V107... Did you tried to flash latest V110 firmware from link below:

    Hmmm... Can't remember if I ever tried to control recording via Firefly App. I've used Firely App, Android version, to fiddle arround with camera but nothing serious. I'm gonna try same as you and get back here with feedback. Btw I'm using Firefly 8SE 170FOV flashed with V110 firmware from link I've posted above.