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A simple and free way to get stabilized FullHD.

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  • A simple and free way to get stabilized FullHD.

    Most of action cameras can shoot 1296p30 and I do recommend using this mode (if available) especially for cams based on Sony IMX206 sensor (GitUp Git2, Xiaomi Yi, SJCAM M20 and others).

    Here is the guide how to get a neat stabilized 1080p30 from 1296p30 video file.

    Get the software (Win platform):

    Follow these steps:
    Unpack and run x264vfw.exe file.
    Run VirtualDub.exe.
    Open your video (File – Open video file…).
    Enable Deshaker plugin (Video – Filters – Add… - Deshaker).
    Make sure ‘Pass 1’ is selected.
    Run pass 1 (File – Video analysis pass).
    Select pass 2 (Video – Filters – Deshaker – Pass 2).
    Add DNR filter (Video – Filters – Add… - dynamic noise reduction (MMX)).
    Set cropping for this filter (Select it in filter list and press ‘Cropping…’).
    Enter following values in filter input cropping window: X1, X2 = 192; Y1, Y2 = 108.
    Select X264 video codec (Video – Compression… - x264vfw) and check ‘VirtualDub Hack’ checkbox.
    Save your stabilized video (File – Save as AVI…).

    Links in case you want to use stand-alones or need to check for updates:
    FFMPEG plugin:
    Deshaker plugin:
    Dynamic Noise Reduction plugin:
    X264 VFW codec:
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    I always get an error when trying to save as AVI. Compression error. Saving not possible. What do i need to do? Pass1 works well and after ich select Pass 2 and cropping etc i want to save the file but the error happens.


    • nutsey
      nutsey commented
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      Make sure that 'Zero Latency' checkbox in codec settings is also on.

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    any chance you could comment on how to adjust the values to apply for neat stabilized 720p video from a 1600x1200 capture?


    • nutsey
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      X1, x2 = 160; y1, y2 = 240.

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    Thanks Nutsey worked like a charme. The only thing now is that the output video is like jumping. I don't really know how to explain it. It looks like its cropping all the time so the black bar is ... yeah kinda like its jumping. Do you know what i mean? Here is a screenshot maybe it helps.


    • nutsey
      nutsey commented
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      EzR3aL Try different settings for the following Pass 2 parameters: 'Edge compensation' and 'Use previous and future framesto fill in borders'.

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    Okay I will give it a try =)