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Ele Explorer S (what to know + audio problem)

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  • Ele Explorer S (what to know + audio problem)

    Hi everyone,

    I currently own an Ele Explorer S since almost 1 year but havent use it much till few days ago. I mounted it with some 3m adesive on top of the internal of my car like above my head and went for a ride. The video quality is very good (as I remembered) but the audio is so horrible. You can barely enjoy the exhaust sound but if I have some music on the radio it just goes creepy and when I reach high speeds (windows closed or open) you basically here nothing. What can I do to solve? Can anyone link me a good firmware? I ve got the 20170221v1.1 What could I do? Like any general trick or something to update everything and enjoy the cam at its best. I think its a very good item for that cheap price and I dont want to leave it on the desk...