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White screen and Always Wifi

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  • White screen and Always Wifi

    Hi, firstable sorry for my english, after this, i have a Excelvan Q8 and i am having a problem, when i turn on the camera the screen is white, the camera works correctly because i have tried to record and everything is ok but i can't view the menu, what can i do?
    the second question is, what for is "always wifi"? Well, thank you for Youtube i have got turn on the WiFi and acces to the configuration from the mobile and i show the option "Always WiFi", in that option i can see SSID, LAST PASSWORD, and NEW PASSWORD (two times), what for is that option? To change the wifi password or to have Always ON the WiFi?

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    Hello Was the screen white always?...even new from in the package?... where did you buy it from?... did you already try to load (flash) different firmware into the camera?

    I don't know "always wifi". Maybe that is ' wifi always on ' switch. What wifi app on your smartphone are you using?

    Don't load other firmware yet. Please make a backup copy of the firmware that is inside your camera now. Share the file here via google-drive or dropbox. Watch this tutorial video:

    link -

    After you share your firmware here, we can try to find a solution to the white-screen problem.


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      Thanks for your reply, i bougth it from AliExpress, and the first day works perfect, but after some hours when i turn on it the screen was White, because may be i'send back to the seller, but i have to pay the "send service". I didn't try load another firm, i'm affair.
      I am using XDV but in spanish language, i have that option just below of Wifi (on-off).


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        i recommend to NOT get an Allwinner V3 camera. so if you can, i recommend to at least get a F68 Novatek or F88 Novatek camera from Aliexpress / Banggood / Gearbest / or other.