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WIMIUS Q4 Q4RGH-20170606-V1.1 change or version update

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  • WIMIUS Q4 Q4RGH-20170606-V1.1 change or version update

    my problem is, when I start recording with my camera, said recording goes into a bug, it is canceled, it paralyzes, but it continues with the recording, when you want to visualize it it only plays 1:00 min as maximum then it is frozen. I stress that the camera bought it used to someone who told me that it worked perfectly, but it was not like that and the person disappeared I do not leave traces. I just want to see if this problem can be solved re installing the firmware, or updating it, since the camera has good recording quality and photos, just buy it to start my YouTube channel, I would appreciate your help. Excuse my English, since I do it with a translator, since I speak Spanish. I hope you understand me XD

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    you should write your information in the "Allwinner cams" section - - and more people will see your post there.

    take a photo of your sdcard and share the photo here. you should use a good quality Class 10 sdcard 16 GB or larger. format the sdcard inside the camera, by using settings menus. also, please make a backup copy of your firmware by connecting camera to computer via usb cable, and watch this tutorial video -