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USB Driver Problem/error

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  • USB Driver Problem/error

    I have Kogan 4K NV Ultra HD 16MP dual lcd that when connected to Windows PC the mode selection not showing up but when In windows there driver error message showing up, at device manager it driver name is "Unknown USB Device ( Port Reset Failed)", then I Turn Off The Power(USB Cable Still Connected) and I pressed Power button + Capture or UP/DOWN Button at the same time about 3 or 4 second(camera screen still blackout) at the windows device manager it show up as "Unknown Device", so what the problem that cause the Mode Selection not show up? the Driver?

    at the post
    number #546 its same Action Camera and He can back up his Camera Firmware, to backup it need to enter the mode selection, and that's why I so confuse :v, why mine not showing up the Mode Mode Selection :'v

    Windows PC Version: Windows 10 Enterprise
    SoC : Allwinner V3
    Version : 20180106 or Kogan180106
    Logo : Kogan

    sorry for the bad English Typing :'v

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    I also had problems with getting FW from mine camera. Soluion was running the PhoenixSuit (google it, its on MTK android website) and while you camera is connected with usb cord, wait untill it gets detected. Now click app tab, then recovery. Cam screen should go black. Your computer might install drivers then. If so, wait until it finishes, then try to run backup-script. If it still will have problems, disconnect the camera, reboot it and connect again. You will be prompted by to select connection mode - select charging only, then try running backup script again.

    PS. Check if you usb cable is capable of not only charging, but also transferring data - some are not. If you are not sure which cable use, take one that was shipped with your phone.
    Hope I helped


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      PPS. Scan PhoenixSuit first, before runnig. My had a trojan that was connecting with