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How do I modify the firmware?

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  • How do I modify the firmware?

    Hi, I bought an action cam.
    There's just something I want.

    Set a lower resolution
    Lower bitrate setting
    And I want to change the logo of the beginning and the end.

    Action cam only supports 720P or higher.
    I've taken up too much of my useless capacity.

    I asked the seller to send me the firmware.
    ViKe_X3V3.3_SD1028_V3_SDVS_GC9305_IMX172_XR819_A+B _20180612.img (16,677 KB)
    full_img.fex (7936 KB)

    Two files arrived by mail.

    In the past, NOVATEK's 96660 modified the firmware.
    This is the first firmware I've seen.

    I looked it up and I thought it was Allwinner's firmware.
    How do you unpack two files?

    Download unfex-scripts-getfwinfo_20170424_update
    I ran unfex.bat, but...
    The following error occurred. What's wrong with this?

    What is the img file for and what is the fex file for?
    Do I need both files to do what I want?

    I need help from my friends. I'm desperate.

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    Could you please upload these files to or similar file sharing site?
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    Email me if you have any offers, requests or ideas.


    • hayujin
      hayujin commented
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      I uploaded the firmware and 0 to 6 files to Google Drive.

    • nutsey
      nutsey commented
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      Thanks for sharing! Seems like 0-6 files are not unpacked right. I'll check your fex file structure later.

    • hayujin
      hayujin commented
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      I also got a .img firmware from the seller.
      Perhaps this is the entire data of the camera.

      It was successful to release it through a link (, but without touching anything.
      If it is applied to the camera even if it is saved again, the reboot is repeated indefinitely.

      Can you tell me any other ways or programs to release and compress .img files?

      If you can save the .img file properly,
      I'm going to try this.

      I'll upload the .img file to Google Drive and share the link.

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    After seeing the information here, I think I got through the unpacking.

    There are three things I want.

    1. Change Logo Image
    2. Change resolution
    3. Change Bitrate

    How do I do the above?
    I searched hard but I can't find it...
    If there is a link to the page where the method is explained, please!

    Firmware file (full_img.fex)
    And then I uploaded a 0 to 6 file that I extracted through unfex.
    I will attach my Google Drive link below.


    • petesimon
      petesimon commented
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      Please upload and share this file with us "ViKe_X3V3.3_SD1028_V3_SDVS_GC9305_IMX172_XR819_A+ B _20180612.img"

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    Originally posted by hayujin View Post
    ViKe_X3V3.3_SD1028_V3_SDVS_GC9305_IMX172_XR819_A+B _20180612.img
    BeiKe_X3V3.3_SDK1028_V3_SDVS_GC9305_IMX179T_YM6182 _XR819_A+B_20180612.img

    The IMG file you had mentioned before seems to be different from what you shared now.
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