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    Greetings all.

    I've had a search and haven't been able to find what I'm looking for.

    Are any of these cameras capable of streaming MPEG-TS?

    Reward offered if someone can help me!!

    Cheers, Matt

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    Hi Matt,
    The JVC GY-HM200E is a professional 4K camcorder which streams by using a UDP or RTMP stream.

    It uses Live Push and generates a MPEG-TS transport stream. The connection to the internet works via WLAN, a LTE, 3G/UMTS Router, or your smartphone as WLAN hotspot.

    If you want to use a action cam for streaming, the Yi 4k camera allows streaming of a H-264 stream via smartphone as a WLAN "tethering" hotspot.
    Visit ElProducente┬┤s website to see how to use the Yi 4k to stream H-264.:

    But the Yi 4K won┬┤t create a MPEG-2-TS used in broadcast applications.

    best regards


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      Is MJPEG streaming an option for you needs?
      Donate here if you want to support my efforts and this site.

      Email me if you have any offers, requests or ideas.


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        Thanks for the responses. It is a action cam I'm seeking with mpeg-ts for broadcast.
        I'm just not sure why no one has this option considering I'm sure many of these cameras would use ffmpeg to create streams / record video.

        MJPEG is not acceptable unfortunately.
        nutsey I did try email you direct to see if you can offer any assistance in a paid capacity.

        Anyone else able to assist with something for this purpose?



        • nutsey
          nutsey commented
          Editing a comment
          I haven't found anything yet. Maybe some really outdated devices could do the job like ones with Zoran SoCs inside...