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  • Lens Change | Sencor 3cam 4k03WR | AllWinner V3 / imx179s / st9341fxst


    I have read up a lot of useful information on these forum.
    Which definitely helped understanding my Action Camera -> Sencor 3CAM 4K03WR

    I want to share my attempts at replacing the lens on my camera.

    First off, the stock lens visually appeared to be glued with SuperGlue (Cyanoacrylate?).
    Nothing that pure acetone can't fix. Carefully applied acetone with a cotton bud tip around the glue. It softened and the lens was removed with ease.
    The lens that was removed from the camera did not appear to have a IR-Block coating.

    The replacements:
    1) SHOOT 170 Degree Wide angle M12 Screw Thread Replacement Camera Lens for Gopro Hero2
    This lens has a long thread housing, at first I was afraid it would not fit, but it did.
    However, despite the advertised 170 Degrees the final picture appears to be narrower than the Foxeer's 110 Degree.
    I believe this is due to the lens potentially be compatible with bigger matrix, but because it sits closer to the matrix for focus, it become narrower view.

    2) Foxeer New 2.5mm 110 Degree F2.0 M12x0.5mm Lens IR Blocked Support GoPro 2
    This lens appeared to me to have more unified lens which seemed to produce equal focus between center and corners (my opinion).
    However this lens produced some Purple hue all over the image/video, which I did not like.
    The package contained a tightening ring. Which I used with the SHOOT lens. Time will tell if that ring can hold the lens in place and focus.

    Here are some raw recordings of the two lenses: pCloud Folder
    Both are recordings of me adjusting the lenses in real time. In case someone wants to spot their own preferred focus point.
    I'll make sure to include original video quality for comparison.

    All in all I am happy with my replacement.
    The new lens is easily cleared with my t-shirt, where as the stock lens could only be cleaned with the special glass/glasses cloth.
    I've noticed that the more blurry the picture gets, the more vibrant the colors get. This helped with the final focus tweaking when I was trying to catch the dullest color pallet. Whatever helps I guess.
    On multiple viewings, on some weird spots it would appear that the post-processing tries to draw details that are not there, is it sharpening of some sort? Can it be disabled in order to direct the CPU power towards higher recording bitrate? This was most noticeable on the Foxeer adjustment video on the AirCondition's Fan grill.
    From the beginning I decided against adjusting some decent focus with the stock lens, but due to the glue residue on the thread (which could potentially block the adjustment), the constant smudges on the lens that I couldn't clear easily, thus I got other lenses all together.
    Btw, all those warning regarding the ribbon cable of the power/mode button are true. Mine, although it did not rip apart, broke from the inside. Had to solder some silicone wires on top of the existing solder joints for a fix.

    As a bonus info, here are some bitrates for different resolutions and frame rates of the camera:
    Notes Bitrate
    Resolution FPS Aspect Ration Bits /
    Low High Overall
    4k @ 30fps 3840x2160 30.001428 16:9 0.074 14667 21117 18.4 Mbps
    Lower FoV 2.7k @ 30fps 2688x1520 29.91172 16:9 0.257 30000 32000 31.4 Mbps
    1080p @ 60fps 1920x1080 59.7786 16:9 0.253 30000 32000 31.3 Mbps
    1080p @ 30fps 1920x1080 30.027866 16:9 0.253 15000 16000 15.8 Mbps
    Lower FoV 720p @ 120fps 1280x720 119.348992 16:9 0.284 30000 32000 31.3 Mbps
    720p @ 60fps 1280x738 59.867172 16:9 0.57 31000 32000 31.4 Mbps
    720p @ 30fps 1280x738 30.028032 16:9 0.761 19500 22855 21.0 Mbps
    The info was taken using VLC and KMPlayer from the files recorded.
    Despite having lower FoV at 2.7K I still prefer using it. As the re-rendered files I produce with 1080p and 720p retain more details when being converted from 2.7K. Personal preference.

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    FoV and Color grading

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