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  • Elephone Ele Explorer 4K

    Hi I have big problem i need firmware backup for elephone ele explorer. My device is unusable so please help me and share your firmware with me i will be very gratefull. Please help me it will take little of your time to save me and my camera.
    My original Firmware was 20151209V1.0
    I tried alan0ford's backup but the screen is very very dark and it is very hard to see anything on it and also the screen is mirrored. Please help me i don't know what to do

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    Hi. Try 'Anzhuoxin (ELE boot logo) 2015-10-27 (shows 20151116V1.0)' from this post.
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      I tried Anzhuoxin (ELE boot logo) 2015-10-27 (shows 20151116V1.0) and now my camera it's working. Do you know which firmware offers best video and picture quality? And how can i use other firmwares on my camera. I tried all but only "Fuxin (gopro boot logo) 2015-11-12 (shows 20151218V1.0)" AND "Anzhuoxin (ELE boot logo) 2015-10-27 (shows 20151116V1.0)" worked. I think that my lcd controller is Sitronix ST7789/v. Thank you for your help and if you are able to answer on my questions I will be very gratefull.