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Allwinner/Sochip S3/S3L

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  • Allwinner/Sochip S3/S3L

    Hello, nice to be here, looks like great community. I'm lurking for some months.

    If you happen to stumble upon any device with Allwinner/Sochip S3/S3L let it be known

    The cool thing about this SoC is that it has the RAM copackaged into itself, which makes for much simpler designs.

    There is 2 devices being developed: "Sipeed Lichee Zero Plus" and "Pine64 Cube".

    It's not sure when if ever they will be released. So if you notice anything else - I'll buy it and study it for all.

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    Hi and welcome aboard

    The S3 SoC looks interesting with DDR3 memory support.

    Donate here if you want to support my efforts and this site.

    Email me if you have any offers, requests or ideas.


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      Hi, thanks. Yes,
      S3 -> 128MB DDR3
      S3L -> 64MB DDR2
      Looks like these parts are being produced, so they are in devices. But how to find them. Seem this is the right place.

      There is a couple of dashcams on alibaba/globalsource saying "allwinner S3+OV4689" but they look fake to me.
      As I said If I'm pointed to action cam with S3 I'll buy it right away and study and document here both it's software and hardware.


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      nutsey Thank you so much for digging. I really want to get my hands on S3 device.
      I'm thinking about offering a bounty. If you know a sub <50$ action cam (or dash cam) with S3 maybe I buy one for you and one for me.

      Is there chinese speakers who can check taobao and other chinese places ?