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F60 camera only records in 1080p even though it has 2K and 4K.

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  • F60 camera only records in 1080p even though it has 2K and 4K.

    Recently I've bought used " 4k sports ultra hd dv sd card " for cheap price. Other than bit wobbly buttons it seemed to work fine. Unfortunatelly it seems to record only in FULL HD (or lower) resolutions but not 2K / 4K even though it has resolution set to them. After bit of research I think its model name is "F60R F60 Action Camera" at least thats how it looks from outside.
    Here is album:
    It keeps showing remaining time no matter the resolution to the same of 1080p which is ~5h30min. Unless I change below it, like 720p it goes higher. But it doesnt go lower on 2k/4k res which shows that it keeps being on 1080p resolution.
    I tried using Phoenix Suit to at least know what model exactly is it, but I've only got options for "storage" or "pc camera" when connecting with USB so Im unable to update it the way its shown in YT video.
    I'm sure the limitation isnt because of SD Card since its Samsung Evo Plus 64GB, which fits criteria for 4K recording. ( I had to format it to Fat32 since camera didnt read exFat)
    Any ideas how to deal with this? Should I update my firmware for potential fix?

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    Unfortunately, this is not an Allwinner V3 camera. We can't upgrade firmware.


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      Ah, thats a shame. Thank you!


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        Allwinner V3 cameras and Eken H9(r) cameras are USD $ 30 to 35 online. I purchased each one of both types of cameras fro Aliexpress and they both work fine.

        check these facebook groups for more info: