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Make action cam record at lower bitrate

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  • Make action cam record at lower bitrate

    So, I had to replace my Elecam Explorer that was running firmware 20160527V4.0 (there is already a copy of it on the site) with a XDV Model number CL-AC20 runnign firmware 20171106v3.3 (I will attach it here if the forum will let me. But it won't cause it exceeds the file size limit.) because there is a mark on the lens.
    The problem is the Elecam recorded at about 15000kbps when set to 1080p 30fps. The XDV insists on recording at 31000kbps! This about haves my recording time. Is there a way to set it/hack it to record at 15000kbps? I was hoping to just copy the firmware from my elecam to the XDV, however it seems as though they use a different sensor, so I assume that will not work. Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance!

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    backup the camera(s) original firmware first as a precaution. video - and upload it to here (pcloud storage) without a pcloud account. hacking bit-rates in Allwinner cameras needs a hex editor like IDA Pro, knowledge of what/how to hack and so on. I've never done that.

    So, you could search and load different firmware into the camera(s) for which you want the bit-rate to be lower. There is no bit-rate "database" so you would need try various firmware. Check in the big thread . Pages 2 to 40-something offer a lot of firmware files too.


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      So its uploaded. I backed up the firmware before I started last night. I was hoping for something other then trial and error with firmwares, so I am going to wait and hope someone can offer another suggestion I think before I start that. But I do thank you for the response. Hopefully someone else will have a suggestion or two, or an idea what firmware to use.


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        So I decided to play with some firmware's, and i thought I would post my findings here. So I downloaded a few, and the first one I flashed bricked it. After some research I managed to get it back again, and found another firmware. It seems to record at the desired bitrate, however the screen is a bit darker then it was, but that isn't affecting the recording at all, its just affecting the screen on the cam. The volume buttons also appear to be reversed, and the battery remaining indicator has moved, however its working well, and at the 15000kbps. I actually think the video is sharper (If thats even possible?) For the record I used crane-imx179-20170317. In addition some of the features seemed to reset to default, and the defaults were horrible. Moral of my story, if you wanna change something, try some other firmwares, but be sure you know how to unbrick it, and be sure to check all the settings before using.


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          i guess that "hard" compiled settings in firmware can do more post-processing and thus more or less sharpening and whatnot. also, check post #29.11 for changing button mappings , however unpacking and repacking 2-system.img where the 'keyboard.kl' file resides is tricky and must be done in a Linux/Unix environment such as in Cygwin or real *nix.