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UNFEX REFEX FWINFO, Allwinner V3(s) action camera, shell scripts for Linux

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  • UNFEX REFEX FWINFO, Allwinner V3(s) action camera, shell scripts for Linux

    This is a work in progress ... when I have free time. I need your help. If you are a Linux user, please contact me.

    Scripts are .sh file for running in Linux. They are based on various .bat and .cmd scripts from this post #30 . Be sure to install 'squashfs-tools' and 'java-common' packages. The 'openjdk-11-jre' package for java may also work. Read the ' readme txt ' file inside each downloaded archive file.

    These scripts are only for 12058624 bytes size full_img.fex files. Scripts for the 3 to 4 other common sizes of full_img.fex files are not yet available.

    Download all together in an archive tar.gz here -

    Individual .sh and other files, download here -

    Available scripts as of now:
    Open a Terminal application window.
    Run 'bash ./' to create separate 0/1/2/3/4/5/6 partition img files.
    Run 'bash ./' to extract data from 2-system.img partition file.
    Run 'bash ./' to create script.bin hardware description file.
    Run 'bash ./' to get script.fex readable text.
    Run 'bash ./' to create a FULL_IMG.FEX file from 0/1/2/3/4/5/6 img files.
    Run 'bash ./' to create a 2-system.img file from data in 'squashfs-root' folder.
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    Update: '' script added. Download here -

    Open a Terminal application window.
    Run 'bash ./' to get firmware info. Look in a FWINFO folder. Open 'fwinfo.txt' file.
    More UNFEX REFEX FWINFO scripts for Windows and Linux are here -

    More firmware backup scripts for Windows/Linux/Mac are here -

    GitHub code and files here -
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