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ELE Explorer 4K - Image rotation issue

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  • ELE Explorer 4K - Image rotation issue


    I have problem on ELE Explorer 4K camera, firmware version 20160527V4.0.
    Problem is that image rotation is not working correctly. I made video of it:

    All other functions works perfect, except image rotation.

    Does anybody know is this problem fixed in some new firmware version?
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    hello. woh! your camera is like a phone - it has "portrait" vertical style orientation
    do you need to enable "image rotation" ?

    but first!...make a backup copy of your firmware by using this script and this video guide.

    see a list of firmwares here -

    and look for a firmware that has "(ELE boot logo)" in the description. but i don't know which firmware fixes the rotation problem for your camera. you might need to test them yourself.

    more instructional videos for flashing/updating are in this youtube playlist here.

    also, please post this message again in the other topic thread Allwinner V3 + Sony IMX179/s and Omnivision OV4689 action cameras because i think more people view that regularly, and you can post this message in Elephone forums too, but i find that bbs totally useless.

    good luck.
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      Thank you for your answer.

      Elephone forum lead me to this forum There's no answer there
      I did try to contact official support, but they were not able to give me firmware upgrade which will fix my issue.
      To be honest, I really don't need image rotation, but it can be useful if you use camera as dashboard cam.

      Seems like the only way will be for me to try it out with the new firmware.
      Of course, backup of current firmware is mandatory for me


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      I tried to solve my problem with firmware upgrades. I used ''Crane (ELE boot logo) 2016-08-25 (shows 20160825V4.0)'' and ''Crane (ELE boot logo) 2016-08-31 (shows 20160831V5.0)'' and problem still exists.
      I did noticed that on 20160831V5.0 I had problem with ELE-CAM software over WiFi so I revert back to original firmware.
      So, anyone that has same problem as I, don't waste your time


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        was there no wifi presence coming from the camera? and what else? please describe the wifi problem more.

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      I recently bought this camera and are playing around with time-lapse and dashboard filming and I noticed the same issue. My camera already had firmware version 20160831V5.0

      With regard to WiFi, I had the same problem, connecting via WiFI, So I've installed "SportLook" (on Android), a software developed for a ELE clone (yes, imitations already have clones of their own ), and this seems to work with the ELE explorer as well.

      Please keep this thread updated if there's a solution with regards to the "rotation".


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        Para la rotacion he encontrado un conversor de video: Freemake Video Converter, pero hay que usarlo en el pc