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E-Boda SJ6100 (Wifi) (Maybe SJCam SJ4000 clone)

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  • E-Boda SJ6100 (Wifi) (Maybe SJCam SJ4000 clone)

    Good day, action camera enthusiasts!
    This is my first post here, and definitely my first post about action cameras ever!
    I am a newcomer to this community and to this passion, and lately wanted to upgrade the bitrate of my action camera because the 1080p-60fps mode looks much worse than the 1080p-30fps mode.

    My camera is called E-Boda SJ6100 (Wifi) and many say it is a SJCam SJ4000 action camera clone.
    The camera has these modes:
    4K-30fps (I think it is fake, made from 1080p30fps)
    2.7K-30fps (I also think this is fake, made from 1080p30fps)
    1080p-30fps (It looks the best of them all)
    1080p-60fps (a real downgrade from 1080p-30fps quality/bitrate)
    Three other 720p modes with 30fps, 60fps, 120fps each respectively (I do not really care about them)
    There are 2 modes which have "slowmotion": 1080p-60fps and 720p-120fps.

    From other posts on this forum I gathered that it might be a Crane with Sitronix ST7789, so I tried on some firmwares (about 6-7) for the Sitronix ST7789/v LCD Controller from "Allwinner V3/s + IMX179/s, OV4689 and GC2023 action cameras." and from other forums. None of the firmwares from this forum worked on my camera: black screen, did not turn on, only 1 or 2 of them maybe flashed their "power leds" a bit but that was all.

    I gathered from another forum with users from my country that were active here, on GoPrawn, a few years back, having the same camera as mine, but they worked with some firmwares to some extent. I have even tried their specific firmwares they shared on that forum, but to no avail. Only one firmware they gathered from a russian speaking forum of a camera somehow similar to mine that worked for me to some extent: turns on, white screen with horizontal reddish-brown lines and bands across the screen, no sound, no control after that.

    I have to mention that I think I've successfully changed the firmwares on my camera because I have lastly put the original firmware I've backed up accordingly and it still works fine.
    The firmware backup of my camera is at:

    Would someone please help me with my frustrating problem? Thank you for having the time to acknowledge my first topic.

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    Thanks for sharing. Your firmware info is below. There was no result about how many LCD panels are in (on?) your camera. I could guess there is only 1 LCD panel. I used these scripts for your firmware because it is 7798784 bytes size.

    You can search in for other firmware that is the same size, uses the same LCD and uses the same Sensor. I hope you're lucky to get good 1080p/60 video 🍀. Can you share some good looking 1080p/30 and poor looking 1080p/60 sample footage via google drive?

    FW date:
    Camera name:
    LCD model:
    LCD resolution:
    Sensor model:
       (spinning disk)
    FULL_IMG.FEX size:
       7798784 bytes


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      One question: How can I flash/install firmware that is .bin? I assume through sd card because I've read a bit about it on this forum, but I don't know much.
      I got 2 firmwares to work but I have to be patient and will discuss more after trying some more firmwares that at the moment I do not know how to install.


      • petesimon
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        i usually see that .bin files are not for Allwinner Vx cameras. so first, what .bin file do you have... can you describe it ?

      • Shoggy
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        It's just some custom firmware I've found for SJCam SJ4000 (no wifi) on this forum that I want to try. I have already tried on some SJCam SJ4000 firmware and some polish "Tracer" that work, so I may try my luck with a firmware that has been purposefully modified bitrate. I don't know how to change the bitrate of different modes, that is why. Would be much better for the situation of having a peculiar hardware configuration of the camera if I'd know how to modify it myself.

      • petesimon
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        most or all SJCAM SJ4000 are not Allwinner Vx cameras. they are probably based on a Novatek chipset. any .bin file you found and load into an Allwinner Vx camera will brick that camera. I don't know how change bit rates for video encoding on any SJCAM camera or Allwinner camera. I've only done that on Ambarella A12 based cameras such as the Firefly 8s and the Eken H5s Plus.