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using camera as a FPV camera for a drone.

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  • using camera as a FPV camera for a drone.

    I have a allwinner V3 camera with the "Tansuofaxian (surfer boot logo) 2016-08-30 (shows 20160901V2.2 )" firmware and I am wanting to use it as a FPV camera on a drone build I am doing, I need for it to be able to to switch into the "PC Camera" mode without actually being connected to a PC, I am pretty sure (about 75% sure) that I can accomplish this by editing the build.prop and adding "webcam" to the "sys.usb.config" line. I say that this is all I should need to do because running the command "adb shell setprop sys.usb.config webcam" from a command line brings up the menu for selecting the 3 different options "USB Mode, PC Camera, Charging Mode" I need to be in PC Camera or "webcam" mode so that there will be a video signal being output over USB that I can then send to my OSD and the from my OSD to a transmitter. I have come to find out that the /system of this camera is a squashfs so I can't just mount it read-write and adb push a new build.prop, is there a way to take the backup of the firmware I made, make changes to some of the files and then make a new Firmware with my changes to flash to my camera?