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CrossTour CT9000 - is this an AllWinner Tech-based action cam?

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  • CrossTour CT9000 - is this an AllWinner Tech-based action cam?

    Hi, first-time poster here...

    I bought an CrossTour CT9000 on Amazon recently.

    I'd like to use this camera as a webcam on a raspberry pi or similar (probably a nvidia jetson nano). But before doing that I already wanted to test it on a laptop.

    However, I could not make this work with a USB cable on a Mac to start with, because when connecting the cable to it, I only see "Charging Mode" and "Mass Storage Mode" on the camera's screen, I was expecting "PC Camera Mode", according to the user manual... https://f59eb8b2-9c2a-475f-8cee-595d...7e109b1065.pdf

    I also tried with the camera's own wifi hotspot. While I managed to find out that a webserver is running on with some data, configuration and log directories and files, there is no other port open (I tried with nmap).

    Is this the point where I would have to flash the firmware? If so, could someone point me to the relevant posts, provided it is possible to flash this camera's firmware...

    Just for information, in many of the .lua files on the camera's server, there are headers like this:

    -- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    -- Copyright (c), 2001-2016, Allwinner Tech All rights reserved.
    -- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    -- file overlay_config.lua
    -- brief ${DESCRIPTION}
    -- author id:
    -- version v0.3
    -- date 2016-11-09
    Thanks for any help! :-)

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    I watched this video about the CT9000 model. It seems to be very similar to an Eken H9 (link here), possibly using a Sunplus iCatch SPCA6350 processor or Sunplus iCatch V50 (link here) processor. Your link to a manual shows that the "iSmart DV" app should be used for the camera. Normally, that app is only for cameras that use aforementioned processors. There should not be any LUA files in the firmware of a CT9000 camera but I could be mistaken.

    However, I also watched this video about the CT9100 model. It seems to be very similar to an Ausek AT Q40C V316 (link here), possibly using an Allwinner V316 processor. I had found some LUA files in firmware of those cameras using the V316 processor.

    Eken H9 and clones can be used a webcam via USB or Wifi. But so far I think the Ausek V316 and similar cameras won't do any webcam function (link here)

    Also, I and other camera enthusiasts here have noticed that Chinese companies re-brand and "re-make" OEM cameras with specific names, marketing, and features, etc. But really most lines of cameras are the same. For instance, the Ausek AT Q40C has been branded as a Campark X25 (link here) and probably that CT9100 camera.


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        please write some examples of the "cheap action cameras under $100" here in goprawn forums so that people don't have to click on that link. ☺