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Which Action camera is best for me??

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  • Which Action camera is best for me??

    Hi, everyone I am new to this forum. I created this account to ask some of the experienced users about a action camera.

    First of all Im into "audio" production and know everything about it... but as far as video not so much...

    So here is my question. I was looking into getting a action camera that I can use to record my cats, while playing with them, mostly using a head strap.

    I went to amazon and got a cheap one that says 4k and had alot of good reviews. But I guess if its good to alot of people it might not be good to some, like me...

    I bought the Dragon touch 4k which was about $50.

    I received it and after getting to know the camera and playing with the settings, I have to say Im not impressed at all.

    The quality just seems kinda blurry and the resolution somewhat delay when moving and the color is flat dead. Even though I tried turning on every light in the room thinking it might be my lighting.

    All I want is to show in the videos that I record, How my eyes see.. I guess that includes the human vision range , color , resolution etc...

    Do I need a Gopro? the pro videos I see have very good quality, and I dont know why this says 4k. really?

    anyways Ill post my youtube link here that I recorded using the dragon touch 4k. I had to do some color adjustment with a video software, but you'll see what I mean.

    Thank you in advance!

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    I believe you will need something more capable in low-light shooting for your indoor videos.For example Xiaomi Mijia 4k with a custom bright lens (f/1.0-1.4) will provide much better results.
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      I recommand a Hawkeye Firefly 8SE with a 3mm or 4mm F1.0 Starlight lens and Nutsey's ModX. Fireflys 8SE is a real 4k and with bitrates up to 100mbps it is awesome for fast movements or low light scenarios. With a bright lens (Starlight) you can increase sharpness and reduce noise and its very simple to change it. (I have done it with my own Fireflys without troubles)

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