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Act74 as full spectrum camera???

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  • Act74 as full spectrum camera???

    Hi All

    Simple question

    How good is the Act74 as a full spectrum camera??/ I want to remove IR filter and then use it with an IR flashlight( I have several already).... But just wondering if it would be any good..

    Would I also be correct in thinking the IR filter is on the lense and not the sensor?


    NO it's not for ghost hunting lol... Just wildlife stuff and airsofting

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    Can anyone help or advise further???


    • nutsey
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      It will work, but using these cams for low light shooting is not a good idea.

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    I know they are pants when not using any form of additional light but seem ok when using high lumens headlamp or flashlight.So would this not be the case when using a high power IR flashlight??


    • petesimon
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      i guess you want to do a kind of "night vision" 😁

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    I Want to use one of the Act74s I have for watching and videoing wildlife at night( I have otters at the bottom of my garden as well as a few other critters(.... But also want to use it as a sneaky camera when doing the odd milsim.... Both require an illumiator/flashlight... hence my question.


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      So does anyone know how to remove the IR filter of the Act74??? it is directly on the sensor!!!! Not on the lense like SJ series cameras etc....

      Hope someone will respond asap