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Campark x40 Action Camera

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  • Campark x40 Action Camera

    hi everyone, I've been lurking here for awhile but decided to finally contribute. I recently got Campark's newest action camera called the x40. It has dual screens with a touchscreen on the back. I am not sure what chipset this camera has but it does use the DV King 4k app so I am guessing an allwinner v316. I made a quick video review along with sample footage on youtube which i will post later on. So far, it looks like it records at around 53mb/sec at 4k. would you guys happen to know how to back up the firmware and if there are any other firmwares available at the moment? I tried making a back up of the firmware using the scripts for the v3 but it was not successful.

    Overview and sample footage -

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    Thanks for sharing your review!
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      thanks Nutsey. Im going to try an open this camera up on the weekend to try and get more information on it.

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    Hi, nice review.
    I recently got an x30 4K but seems camera has some serious problems.
    All video clips (180/4K) seems to be damaged, cripplet. They are full of squares, bending and artifacts.

    I got in touch with campark customer services and they will send a replacing unit.

    When this appen i'll pry open the old one and try to understand if is an hardware or software issue.

    I'll ask for a newer firmware to upload but campark sad they have no firmware to send :-(

    would be nice if i manage to fix the camera with a simply firmware dump from the working model (when it arrives)
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