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4K Ultra Extral HD Firmware Backup

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  • 4K Ultra Extral HD Firmware Backup

    Backup of my Action Cam firmware prior to upgrade..

    Firmware upgrade progress was as follows:
    • Successfully backed up current Firmware version 20170624 to Dropbox and linked in the overall header of this thread - above
    • Removed battery and data card from camera and connected to my PC running Windows 10 64 bit
    • Opened Device Manager and Camera appeared as "Unknown Device" under "Other Devices"
    • Attempted to update the drivers for this device from the F60 Recovery dataset - run was unsuccessful
    • Then successfully updated the device drivers for the camera from Phoenix Suite - AW Drivers
    • Camera now appeared under Universal Serial Bus Controllers as USB Device(VID_1f3a_PID_efe8)
    • Attempted to update firmware to Crane Version 20170805 - ran OK but LCD screen on back of camera was all white - unable to read text
    • Attempted to update firmware to Crane Version 20170624 which was installed on the camera prior to this activity - ran OK and camera restarted with XDV logo correctly displayed on camera LCD screen
    • Reinstalled the camera battery and memory card and camera restarted correctly
    Prior to the firmware upgrade there was an issue with connection to the XDV app via Wifi and this issue is again occurring. I need to investigate this further..
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