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How do you edit a All Winner v3's BitRate "Andoer '4k'"

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  • How do you edit a All Winner v3's BitRate "Andoer '4k'"

    a list of tools and the basics would be much appreciated!

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    I'm needing this as well... i need to LOWER the bitrate AND framerate of my fuxin4k30imx179s-sdv so I can have a longer recording time on my 32Gb card.. the way it came I can record just 3 hours on [email protected] (2hours on 720p30fps @ 31kbps).

    I already make the SQUASHFS-ROOT dump but can't find a place where to edit and create something like a 720p/10fps @ 2kbps.. with this I could raise the recording time to about 35 hours!!!

    In short, I need to have a framerate/bitrate of a security camera...

    Please experts.. help!

    Thanks in advance!


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      I've noticed discussions in the 'Allwinner v3 Hacks' Section of the forum, There seems to be progress being made.
      Im sure the admins will make a sticky post when they have figured out the solution to hacking these '4k' action cams!


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        Yes... and here I follow waiting for this sticky.. like waiting for Santa as when I was 8 years old...