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  • campark v30

    hi, recently got a new v30 camera.
    does anyone know what sensor and processor are used?
    also, is there newer software than:
    campark-c30-20200703 , which is currently installed.
    i read in your forum about software tweaks. does any of them include a function to specify an exposure time in video mode, so the pictures are not to blurred in action scenes? or are there standards that are inherent in digital video cameras?
    any opinions about about the terms: video quality {high. middle, low} and sharpness( h,m,l)
    your advise is much appreciated

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    Check my reply to your previous post. Why do you think it is based on Allwinner hardware?
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      HI,i seem to remember that fact from my initial research( viewing reviews). of cause i may be wrong


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        i may still be wrong:
        on "actiongadgetsreview it was stated that it had a v3 chip.
        i doubt that because in the AW spec sheet for AW V3 they only mention v264 as compression mode. i also have a x30 cam which is handicapped as in
        uhd 3840x2180 in distortion correction mode is only 3200x1800.. this camera uses a v3 chip. also the v30 camera has no size reduction( processing power) and offers v264 and 264.
        it may be possible that they have used a v316 chipset with more power???
        but the v5 chip fills all the slots, full uhd with image stabilization, 6 gyro compensation ability, both compression modes and external audio
        is there something like in windows to check for processor and board type?