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CAMPARK ACT76 Bricked with wrong Firmware. Please help.

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  • CAMPARK ACT76 Bricked with wrong Firmware. Please help.


    I've been very stupid and would really appreciate help with fixing my mess...

    I bought a Campark ACT76 for my boy's birthday and I've just charged up the batteries and googled for the latest firmware. Unfortunately the first google result I found, took me to a page with updated firmware for a Campark ACT74 LINK: . I copied the "full_img.fex" to the root of the micro SD card and updated.

    Bad move!

    I'm now stuck with a Campark ACT76 which turns on and freezes on the "welcome" screen, with a stock photo of a skier on it. Can anybody offer me any help with this please? I don't have time to order a replacement before my boy's birthday on Friday. The attached photo is the firmware that the camera came with before I bricked it. Happy to pay for your time! PayPal ready!

    Please help.

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    I''ve spent a few more hours on the forum and I can now see "Unknown Device" when I plug the camera in to my PC while holding the up button (with the battery and SD card removed). I've installed the "F60B_recovery_driver" as I can't find any other ADB driver that works for my Campark ACT76. My bricked Campark ACT76 now shows up in device manager as "USB Device(VID_1f3a_PID_efe8)". I've tried using Phoenix Suite and the android tools ADB Devices command, but nothing is showing up.

    I've even tried installing a driver from the windows choose list which came up with ADB Driver. This makes a device appear in Phoenix Suite as per the attached picture, but I think I'm going wrong here.

    Can anyone offer me any guidance please?
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    This is the tutorial. Follow carefully this tutorial and you will fix your camera


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      Thanks! :-)


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      i HAVE ONE CAMPARK ACT76. I've posted the firmware on this page:

      I hope that it would help you. Best regards