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Allwinner V3s SDK.

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  • Allwinner V3s SDK.

    V3s is a light version of V3 chip. It is very similar to its bigger brother, the main differences are: integrated 64M RAM, 1080p30 video encoding and up to 5Mp sensor support.

    Camdroid SDK (same OS is used for V3 action cams)

    Lichee SDK (Linux OS)
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    Cool! The best I can do is to make some short scripts for bash or cmd.exe . I hope someone can make good use of those SDK files, build some usable binaries and/or libraries and put it up online github or such.

    I made a mirror of those SDK files. I hope google won't delete them.

    download -


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      when i try to pack a built linux image, i got these errors

      INFO: packing firmware ...
      copying tools file
      copying configs file
      `./out/image_linux.cfg' -> `./out/image.cfg'
      copying boot resource
      copying boot file
      `chips/sun8iw8p1/configs/tiger-cdr/boot-resource/logo/boot_logo.JPG' -> `out/boot_logo.fex'
      `chips/sun8iw8p1/configs/tiger-cdr/boot-resource/logo/shutdown_logo.JPG' -> `out/shutdown_logo.fex'
      packing for linux
      Begin Parse sys_partion.fex
      sys_config.fex Len: 0xd5c3
      config.fex Len: 0x7e28
      split_xxxx.fex Len: 0x200
      sys_partition.fex Len: 0xa6a
      boot0_nand.fex Len: 0x8000
      boot0_sdcard.fex Len: 0x6000
      u-boot.fex Len: 0x80000
      fes1.fex Len: 0x2580
      usbtool.fex Len: 0x23000
      aultools.fex Len: 0x26ead
      aultls32.fex Len: 0x238dd
      cardtool.fex Len: 0x14000
      cardscript.fex Len: 0x6ea
      The file sunxi_mbr.fex length = 0
      BuildImg 400
      Dragon execute image.cfg Failed ! ArgCnt = 3, 400
      pack finish

      can you help me?