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    Hello.I had a big problem with my camera,don't startup does not boot.When I plug on my computer is not recognized, with battery removed, sd card removed and plug to power source
    just flashing red light. it's 100% bad FW flash bin file.
    Is there a way to fix it?

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    kamex - does your camera have a Novatek 96xxx chip or an Allwinner V3 chip inside?
    have you tried to flash any firmware to the camera?

    please post here photos of the front and top and rear of the camera.
    also post here a link to the sales website of the camera.

    if your camera has an Allwinner V3 chip, then I am sure I can help you.


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      this the link

      When I plug on my computer is not recognized


      • petesimon
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        kamex - thanks.
        just to be safe.... make a backup of your original firmware by following this video tutorial
        link -

        afterwards, get a firmware that probably works for your camera.
        Yinuocheng (EIƎ boot logo) 2017-02-21 (shows 20170221V1.1)
        Yinuocheng (EIƎ boot logo) 2017-02-21 mod:2017-04-17 (shows 20170221V1.1)

        and flash your camera by putting the "full_img.fex" firmware file on a micro sd card, and making sure power is OFF in the camera, putting the sd card into the camera, power ON the camera, press mode/power button a few times to go to settings (gear icon) and go to the menu that has date/time format firmware (etc) and select firmware and press UP button and confirm (yes) you want to flash firmware.

        You can also use Phoenixsuit software tool to flash firmware by following this other video tutorial
        link -

        I don't have any Elephone/Elecam products, so you will have to try the firmware shown above and possibly any other firmware in page 1 post #8 of the big Allwinner thread to revive your camera.
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      'Yinuocheng (EIƎ boot logo) 2017-02-21' (imx179) fw can be helpful in this case.
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        Is locked remains this screen

        No configuration menu


        • petesimon
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          use Phoenixsuit software tool to flash another firmware. see this video...

          video link here
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