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Elephone Explorer S - no video display - flashing info bars

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  • Elephone Explorer S - no video display - flashing info bars


    I have bought a Elephone explorer s action camera.
    The first day i opened it without a microsd card and it was OK.The camera was displaying everything on its lcd screen.
    When i inserted my micro sd card and powered on my camera , it promted me to format the tf card and I did it .Since then i have a black screen with the up and down bars flashing.It doesnt capture any video at all. I have reinstalled the firmware from this forum and the problem continues.Ihave tried multiple tf cards.
    Please suggest any advice and any firmware update newer from 20170221v1.1 .
    Thank you!!!!

    ps. Link to a video describing my problem :

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    hello and welcome aglosss . Every Allwinner V3 camera is a little diffferent. Can you please tell us the details of your camera's original firmware?
    If you need to do a backup procedure then you may watch this tutorial video and see this post #9 in the big Allwinner V3 thread.

    Otherwise, there is a possibility that your camera may have a hardware fault problem. Please contact the seller about this issue and suggest to get a refund, even a partial refund might be okay.