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andoer q3h Unable to boot after firmware update

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  • andoer q3h Unable to boot after firmware update

    나는 펌웨어 업데이트 후에, 나는 다운로드 여기서를 올린 백업 파일에서 다운 받았고, 나는 이걸 저기를 부팅 화면에 업데이트를 보지 않는다. 무엇이 같은 건 어떠냐니까?
    나는 영어를 못한다. 미안합니다.

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    Translation of quote
    After I got the firmware update, I downloaded it from the backup file I uploaded here, and I do not see the update on the boot screen there. What is the same thing? I can not speak English. Sorry.
    Hello mk19 . We can fix it. But I have questions for you.
    Do you have a backup copy of your original firmware?

    What firmware update did you use? - Please write the name, date, LCD screen and sensor.

    What website or where did you buy your camera? - Please write a link here.

    What is the brand and name of your camera?


    • mk19
      mk19 commented
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      Thank you for your comments.
      Without thinking back
      I uploaded the original firmware that I uploaded before.
      I think we've got this knowledge in a hurry.

      I bought a camera here.

      My action cam is
      Andoer Q3H 2Ultra-HD LCD4K25FPS 1080P 60FPS
      How can I use it again?
      I'm sorry, but could you give me a minute?
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    • petesimon
      petesimon commented
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      Okay. Please share your original camera firmware here. Write a weblink here for that file. I will use the file to discover what hardware is inside your camera.

      What is the problem in the camera?

    • petesimon
      petesimon commented
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      mk19 you may watch this tutorial video to show you how to backup your camera firwmare. i hope the firmware is original.


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    I'm going to take a picture of it and take it apart because it's going to be hotter.