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Campark 4K eBay camera. Wifi/Mac connectivity question.

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  • Campark 4K eBay camera. Wifi/Mac connectivity question.

    Hey, just came to the forum to hopefully ask my question to the right audience, sorry mods if it's in the wrong section..

    So this little black campack camera has wifi ability to connect to my phone via app and USB connectivity.

    Id like to use the camera to feed/stream like a webcam on my mac.

    It doesn't seem as straightforward as it should be, plugged in via USB, it doesn't show up in camera devices under skype etc automatically.

    Then wifi, it connects to the app on my phone easily, and I can live view what the camera is seeing with a little lag. But I can't find any made for programs for my computer to run the same thing.. I've tried viewing it as a livestream through VLC following the many tutorials on YouTube. But no success at all with that.

    Any help would be great.