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Allwinner v3 Firmware Update Problem

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  • Allwinner v3 Firmware Update Problem

    Remove the memory card and battery from the device and connect the USB key while pressing the up key; the device is turned on, the logo screen is crossing, and the camera turns off when the image is displayed. I can not see the Windows device manager. I could not debug mode.

    When I throw the Full_img.fex file onto the memory card, system asked me do you want to update it? when i made ok, it was locked. I have not changed the firmware yet.

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    hello gokmenkeser . all the steps are explained more in this thread (start at post #10)

    also please check this thread at post #141

    *do NOT use ADB drivers, and do NOT try to use ADB features. They are not useful and will not work for firmware update.

    you may watch the tutorial video again, but start at TIME 13:51 -
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