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Allwinner 360-GO style camera info

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  • Allwinner 360-GO style camera info

    I have a 360Go style camera that I am trying to find information and software for.

    The information I have

    Box says sensor is 8M CMOS

    Sports boot screen

    Firmware version
    Model : -blank-
    Version : 20161220V1.0
    Manufacturer : Manta

    jpeg exif data

    This photo is taken by AllWinner's v3-sdv
    Camera maker: Manta
    Camera model: MM9360

    There is essentially nothing on line about this camera. The only links to manta was a a polish distributor for a cube style camera with similar specs.

    Box says made in china looks like standard 360Go packaging. My speculation is that it was manufactured for manta in poland. It came from China (aliexpress)

    Any help or information would be appreciated,


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    Hello. hmm, interesting!
    check this thread "Allwinner V3 360 Camera - fuxin360imx179s_sdv "PannoView""in goprawn forums

    I suppose you could use this one backup script
    or the other more popular backup script in this video to make a backup copy of the camera's firmware.

    We can discover some useful info from the backup data.

    I also found a little info on the Manta home website.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	mm9360-active-360.jpg
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      I have seen that on the website as well, The interesting thing is the camera looks like this. I will dump the firmware when I get a chance tomorrow.
      The manual for the one you posted functionally matches and so does the model number. The V1.0 software is interesting version number. I copied out all the menu's it really is the same as 360GO or XDV360. The manual says XDV360. It functions more or less as well as I expected.
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