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Campark ACT74: Disable beep on time lapse interval?

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  • Campark ACT74: Disable beep on time lapse interval?

    Firmware: C20170707V23

    I'd like to create high quality time lapse over long period of time (though I'm an absolute noob at this) so I was planning to use the camera mode with the auto interval setting, thinking 16MP stills would give me best quality to create time lapse from. However when in this mode the ACT74 beeps the countdown between stills, which is highly annoying and I can't find a way to disable. Also tried using the XDV Wifi app to see if that revealed any additional features to no avail.

    Can I disable this beep or is there a better way to get high quality time lapse?

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    leftpawedwombat . can you please post a mp4 file video sample of this beeps that is highly annoying? I am curious to hear the beep in the audio track of the video recording.

    search youtube for review and usage videos for this camera, and maybe disable audio recording in the settings menu and record a short time-lapse video as a test.

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      Same problem here. Crazy to have audible beep on time-lapse that can't be turned off. Thought about either 1) Destroying the piezo sounder or a connection to it 2) Poking the firmware somehow (which will need a bit of reverse engineering). Was hoping someone has resolved this via some magic key-press sequence or has alternative firmware to fix it.