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is this an F60?? usb driver needed

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  • is this an F60?? usb driver needed

    hi all, I purchased this as a backup for my gopro , it looks almost identical to the image posted in the sticky post, darned if i can get it to be recognised by my pc, I have tried the f60 adb drivers and the universal driver, but the pc still fails ro see it, so i guess it is not a f60 or clone, any help or suggestions on how i might back up the firmware would be much appreciated


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    Unfortunately the unique front panel design can't be a proof of anything nowadays

    So, if your cam is not seen by your pc as it should be it might point to somewhat cheaper hardware... LIke Generalplus or Sunplus chipsets... And at the moment those are pretty useless in terms of getting anything really worthy...
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    I never expected it to be much good in all honesty, I just wanted to back it up in case I bricked it, I will get some menu screenshots and upload then, cheers peeps


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      ok, please do that. also please share an unprocessed video file sample 10 or 20 seconds long. you can upload it to cloud storage such as google-drive or dropbox.