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[F60B] Is there any proper way to get rid of duplicated frames?

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  • [F60B] Is there any proper way to get rid of duplicated frames?

    So, just as in topic, I would like to know if there is a way of getting rid of those annoying duplicated frames in fake 120fps mode, in F60B?

    I mean, I do realize, it does about 90 real fps~, but those duped frames from time to time, just look bad, and make footage looks odd. Any idea/solutions to that? Or I gotta just live with it?

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    you have to patch to not insert pskip frames anymore. my rootfs has it done so you can try to copy the lib or redo the patches on yours. btw, the 120fps is actually 120fps when it fits in memory and the card is fast enough. I'm still working out getting the full 30 and full 120 out of the 1344x756 modes. Will probably have to be 17Mb/s and 45mb/s respectively.

    This actually applies to all modes: If your card is too slow or the frames don't fit and the camera can't insert fake frames it will drop. So you get fps like 27, 28, 58, 23, etc. The footage will jerk at that spot.


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      which sd card is "fast enough"? I have UHS1 (class 10) and slower cards. Bu the UHS 2(?) and 3 can be a bit expensive right now.

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      The interface limit is SDR25, UHS2 or 3 won't make a difference. Class 10 just means guaranteed sustained 10MB/s