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Bricked XDV not responding to firmware upgrade

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  • Bricked XDV not responding to firmware upgrade


    I recently bought a camera in tomtop with the XDV logo.

    As it was not working as expected (jumpy videos and corrupted files) after a couple of minutes of google I decided to try to upgrade firmware: big mistake.

    I am reading now in this forum that I should have backed up firmware and check compatibility before upgrading. Guess what? I didn't do it.

    So, after a deeper google search I found the procedures to restore a bricked cam, but im getting stuck in the firmware upload process.

    The process I followed was:

    - Get a new firmware and place it in the root of the SD card. Install it from the tools menu. The progress bar stopped about 90% (no numbers shown) and I restarted the camera about 1 hour later.
    - After restart the camera, it won't start again. Black screen, no sound and no leds.
    - I followed the instructions about unbrick a camera video and it works fine until the firmware upload itself. It seems to upload for 27 seconds, and a 10% in the progress bar. Then it returns to the point where you must choose if it should do format or not.

    And at this point it doesn't matter what you choose as the result is the same. 10% and 27 seconds upload and the process restarts.

    I tried several combinations, drivers and firmwares, is there someting I am doing wrong?

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    return it! and demand a refund!
    the camera hardware inside is probably bad.


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      Originally posted by petesimon View Post
      return it! and demand a refund!
      the camera hardware inside is probably bad.
      Thanks for your response, but when I said recently I was being a little bit light.

      I bought the camera about 3 months ago, but as i have other cameras and this one didn't work very well I just didn't use it until I decided to try to fix it.

      So I think I cannot return it at this point, also after It was me who bricked it.