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Need help with firmware. Winksoar 4k 30fps wifi with faulty firmware from supplyer

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  • Need help with firmware. Winksoar 4k 30fps wifi with faulty firmware from supplyer

    I'm new to this forum, and the allwinner cams, so go easy

    So I figured i could by a cheap camera from, as there was not a high stakes game.. But I think I lost.

    The item on banggood is witch is one of the cheaper brandings of this camera.

    I found this forum by googeling and finding the same camera, but with completely different firmware than mine came with.
    This thread

    I then found the Allwinner V3/s + IMX179/s, OV4689 and GC2023 action cameras thread, with the youtube videos 'How To Flash (Writhe) Newer Firmware......' and 'How To Backup And Share...'.
    However when I try to connect the camera to my win10 PC to backup firmware, I ran into issues.

    When connecting the camera, my options are different.
    Mass Storage
    PC Camera

    The first two works as they should, but when selecting REC_mode (Charge mode?) the camera does not show up in devise manager at all, and I cannot install F60B_ADB_driver.

    I do have a support issue with banggood for this, as my camera will maximum record 1648x1088 px when taking photos and recording video. Video is allways 30fps, and I can't even select 2k (it's not an option).
    As per banggood service I have recorded a short video showing the issues. I'll post it here, but it will be deleted when banggood has come to a conclution.

    In the version menu, it only says: SJ8000R

    I would apprecieate any help on this. I guess banggood will finnally tell me to send it back to get a replacement, and sending the camera from Norway to china costs as much as buying a new one..

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    hello. unfortunately, you may have recieved a camera that does not have an Allwinner V3(s) chip inside. According to the sample video of the outside of the camera and menu screens that you provided, I think the cam may have a GeneralPlus or other very cheap chipset.

    The menu screens of a cam that has an Allwinner V3(s) chip inside look more like this:

    Some more examples of menu screens are in this video -

    Therefore, ADB (backup), and Phoenixsuit (flash) operations etc will most likely not work on your camera. Oops
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      Hi Pete, and thanks for the clarification.

      Banggood did reply to my support case. After seeing the video they did deside to refund me for the entire sum of the camera, so hopefully I will have some money soon to try an other one.

      Do you know of a good low price camera to by, preferably from Banggood? Something that will match the specs I where going for initially, and that can be flashed with newer firmware?
      The interpolated 4k @ 24fps is good enough for my use. Do not really need 4k, but 2k and 1080p @ 60fps is nice to have.

      There are many brandings of this camera, and I won't try Winksoara again......


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      Petesimon, isn't 120deg view angle on the Firefly 7s a bit skimpy?

      What sensor/chipset combo or brands offer best video quality today? (btw. nice list of contenders). I'll be replacing mine. YI Action Camera (US Edition) White currently sold on Amazon with 60% discount, seems solid product.

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      Please find below my missive to Banggood about a Winksoar I received today.

      I ordered and had delivered:

      1 x 32GB Class 10 Micro SD Card TF Card With Card Adapter - This is OK, I am happy with this.


      1 x Winksoar SJ8000 Waterproof 2.0 Inch LCD 4K HD WiFi Sports DV Action Camera with Remote Control. - This is not OK! This camera does not do anything that it advertises it can do.

      A/. No ability to take video in 4 K - see photo “4K” attached below.

      B/. No ability to take video in 2 K

      C/. No ability to take video in 1920 x 1080 - see photo “1080” attached below.

      D/. The video taken at 1280 x 720 is something else stretched to 1280 x 720 - see photos “720” and "1280-720” attached below.

      E/. I did not test the other resolutions.

      F/. This is advertised as taking .mov video, it does not, it takes .avi video, not good! - see photo “avi” attached below.

      G/. The Box advertises that it can do 4K 30fps, 2K 30fps,1080P 60/30fps and 720P 120/60/30fps - Not True! Also the box was crushed when it arrived! - see photos “BoxFront” and “BoxBack” attached below.

      H/. There were scratches on the 2” display screen on the back of the camera, there was no protective plastic on the screen when it arrived! - see photo “Scratches” attached below.

      I/. This camera clearly, does very little of what it is advertised to do. This is false advertising. Banggood should not allow this to happen. - For the specs as advertised on the Banggood website, see photo “NotTrue” attached below.

      I am extremely disappointed.

      One thing that did work, was the Wifi from the phone app to the camera. But it is useless because the app thinks it can do 4K and 1080 etc, but the camera can do none of those things.

      Normally the items and products I buy from Banggood are great in terms of quality and value. I rate Banggood very highly in terms of honesty and integrity.

      I could send this back, but the cost of doing so for me would be greater than the camera is worth.

      What I would like is a camera that does 4K and 2K and 1080P and 720P and all, that this one advertises it can do. This is what I want.

      Please send me another camera, not made by Winksoar, please send me one that is made by a reputable manufacturer that does all that I’ve mentioned above.

      Or please refund my Paypal for the full amount of this purchase.

      If you cannot remedy this situation, I will send you a link to the YouTube video that I will take on my iPhone of this Winksoar’s failings as I destroy it with a hammer. That will no doubt go viral!

      I would think that the good company that is Banggood would not want to be associated with such a YouTube Video.

      I look forward to your response.

      Kind regards


      Click image for larger version  Name:	4K.png Views:	1 Size:	26.2 KB ID:	9113

      Click image for larger version  Name:	1080.png Views:	1 Size:	24.0 KB ID:	9114

      Click image for larger version  Name:	avi.png Views:	1 Size:	27.6 KB ID:	9115

      Click image for larger version  Name:	Scratches.jpg Views:	1 Size:	117.8 KB ID:	9116

      Click image for larger version  Name:	BoxBack.jpg Views:	1 Size:	89.7 KB ID:	9117


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      I take the advice of the post above, and I think I will get an EKEN. Could someone please tell me which EKEN to go for? I am mainly wanting to film Kayak Fishing and I think 1080P @ 60fps might be the go. Should I just get the latest? Or? A firefly?


      • petesimon
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        do you want/need image stabilization (gyro) and/or "anti-shake" features ?
        if so, then do not get an Eken H9 or H8. Neither camera has stabilization/anti-shake.
        so get something better. maybe a Firefly 7s (Novatek), or Eken H5s, or Xiaomi Mijia Mini, or Firefly 8s (Ambarella), or similar.
        Sometimes Geekbuying and Gearbest have lower prices compared to Banggood.
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      • nutsey
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        One of GitUp Git2 / 2P / 3 should be better in terms of EIS quality.

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      And one further question, with the EKEN, is H8R better than H8 and H9R better than both of them? And so on is the model number: higher = newer = better?


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        For the monney Banggood refunded me, I ordered this generic Allwiner V3 cam

        It does everything it says in the article.
        I usually shoot 2.7k, as I don't think this interpolated 4k is necessary.
        This camera does not support stabilization, and it says so on the product page, but I'm wondering if it can be enabled trough firmware update?

        On the product page it only says it disabled in this version.


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        Originally posted by MNissen View Post
        And one further question, with the EKEN, is H8R better than H8 and H9R better than both of them? And so on is the model number: higher = newer = better?
        It turns out that 'R' means it has a remote.

        Thanks every one for your comments, I've ordered an H9R - Anti shake is not required as it'll be bolted to Kayak. And it seems there are updates available for the H9R via an EKEN facebook page.

        BAnggood have offered a partial refund for the Wanksoar, I'm negotiating for full.
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        • petesimon
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          be sure to get an original genuine Eken camera (but not a clone or knockoff)) so that Eken firmware will work.

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        Here's an interesting page that gives stats for various Eken cameras

        scroll down to see the H8 series and H9 series specs.

        Seems Eken H9 Pro and Plus are native 4K.


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        Don't know.

        All I need is 1080.

        Good news is that Banggood refunded the entire cost of the Wanksoar.